Worth Fighting For

Every once in a while, I'll post a song on here, that I didn't write, but it was a song that touched my heart in some kind of way. Here's another.

The Lord believes we are worth fighting for. That was the reason He sent Christ Jesus to save us. And, He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not, with Him, also freely give us all things?

WORTH FIGHTING FOR LYRICSPerformed by Brian Courtney Wilson
You met me deep in my despair
To show me You would never leave me there
You claimed because I was made for so much more
I am Your child
And I'm worth fighting for

Though heavy, with the weight of my mistakes
You carried me and refused
To let me sink under the pressure
You meant for me to soar
I am Your child
And I'm worth fighting for

Eyes haven't seen
Ears haven't heard
All You have planned for me
And nothing can separate me from Your love
When there's so much more still worth fighting for

Now I'm moving by faith and not by sight

Lord, Save Me

There is not a word on my tongue, but behold O Lord You know it altogether. For all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of the One with whom we have to do. The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly. But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Lord, save me.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight.

A lot of things keep going wrong in my life and it is hard not to complain about it. I don't want to come off sounding like the children of Israel in the wilderness. So I ask You to guard my tongue and help me to meditate on and be thankful for what's going right. Heal my foolish and broken heart so that the words of my tongue are righteous and wholesome. I want to pull out of this so we can move on to higher ground. There has got to be more to life than what I am experiencing right now. You always cause me to triumph. Do not let this season hold me back when there is s…

The Restless Sea

Restlessness: unquiet or uneasy, as a person, the mind, or the heart -- never at rest -- perpetually agitated or in motion.

God of hope, will You fill us with all joy and peace in believing that we may abound in hope and living above our circumstances by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us?
Peace, be still.
Watch this powerful video. Go in peace.

Rest and Relax

When the Lord sent Manna to eat out in the wilderness, each morning the children of Israel were to collect enough to have for the family to eat that day, with no left overs. If they collected more than they could eat that day, the Manna bred worms and gave off a foul odor.

But... so they could have a day of rest, they were instructed to collect twice as much on the sixth day so they could rest on the seventh day, and in that case the Manna did not go bad over night. Also, no Manna fell on the seventh day, so even if they went out to collect, there was none on the ground.

Moses even commanded them to stay inside on the seventh day. It was to them a day of rest. The cloud that led them by day and the fire by night, did not move on the seventh day. It was a Sabbath rest for the children of Israel.

Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.
In the beginning, when God created heaven and earth, He also rested on the seventh day. After everything was completed and He had ended His work, the Bibl…

Taking A Vacation, Eternally

“I’m going home on the morning train.” That’s a song we used to sing at church way back in the day.
For the last couple of days, that song has been refreshed in my spirit. I have been so home sick for my heavenly home that I almost feel teary-eyed. I’m not suicidal or anything at all like that, just longing to be at rest and free of struggle, evil and unrest.
God's kingdom is so opposite of all that. God will wipe away all our tears. There will be no more struggle.
The lion will lay down peacefully with the lamb. There will be love in the air and everywhere.

The nursing child shall play by the cobra’s hole, and the weaned child shall put his hand in the viper’s den. (Isa. 11:8)
My neighbors’ dogs will not be barking like they’ve lost their minds.
I will not have to lock my doors to prevent thieves.
I will not have to worry about the bills piling up and the many other responsibilities of life that require my attention. All week I kept forgetting to buy toothpaste. A small thing, but so ve…

Satan's Pursuits

The Story of Sisyphus(source: mostly Wikipedia)Please, let the record show that I am not endorsing Greek gods here. I am merely using this story as a parody to establish a biblical teaching.
The Lord Himself is God; and there is none other besides Him (Deut. 4:35).  ____________________________________

   In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra. Sisyphus was punished for his callous and ruthless ways, by being forced to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, only to watch it roll back and hit him, and having to repeat this futile endeavor over and over for eternity, having never reached the top of the hill.
   Sisyphus was the son of King Aeolus of Thessaly and Enarete. He was the founder and first king of Ephyra. Sisyphus promoted navigation and commerce, but he was greedy and deceitful. He also killed travelers and guests, and took pleasure in these killings because they allowed him to maintain his iron-fisted rule, and he could commandeer their belongings.
   Sisyphus was extrem…

Charlie's Hope

Perhaps Charlie should trust someone else to hold the ball.